Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Magic Words For Missional Living and Church

The Magic Words for Missional Living and Church

A. Story. leads to Place. leads to Mission. leads to Community.
(this is why The Mission Creates Church and not the Other way around, but also why Place Creates Mission, and why Story decides our Place).

B. Community is sustained by the right (varied by context) mix of 1. Leadership. 2. Culture. 3. Resources. they are a triangle that needs to be balanced and each feeding into the other.

C. The Path or Recipe is 1. Missional Service creating the need for 2. Community Relationships creating the need for 3. Personal Growth creating the need for 4. Worship/Prayer/Meditation. (trying to get people to go from worship first to the others, and missional service last, is much harder, less effective, and seems to rarely happen on a large scale).

D. Mindfulness allows for Missional to Happen. Missional is Mindfulness turned outward. Another way to say it is Resiliency promotes Risk (and risk is the lifeblood of community thriving).

E. Relocation enables Reconciliation generating Redistribution for community renewal. (connect relocaters with remainers and returners to the place of your missional focus and watch the world change)

F. You don't vote to go missional. You send out scouting parties. You turn teams of people loose. You leave your building, your space, your sense of identity.

G. All of the above applies no matter where you are on the spectrum of institutional to organic, existing and establish to emerging and even to dying communities, to old or new. Everyone can go missional.