Friday, January 27, 2012

The foundation for the missional church: the water to take the red pill

Funny what you wake up thinking sometimes; this morning it was this: God is active in the world; base assumption or missional communities won't make sense; our mission is to join up with God's mission; we don't create church to create and contain and convey God and God's mission; we try to create church, or should, to try to catch up with what God is doing in the world; God's covenant with the world is the foundation for our various covenants such as the one with a church body; the church is to be made in the likeness of God (nod of sorts to William Ellery Channing); what kind of God is the church depicting if it is a come to us rather than a go to them church? of course i trust you have your google translator set as you need for God<==>.