Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Link To Join Them All: My Top 10 Missional Planting Posts

After recent workshops, and conversations, for those exploring more: so you don't have to hunt through the blogs, here are My Top 10 Missional Planting Posts: One Link to Join Them All. More at and The Dallas Lecture A short summary of missional theoretical touchstones The Fairhaven MA Lecture The Midland TX Installation Sermon The Southwestern Conference Fall Leadership Workshop Notes The Worcester MA sermon and the Epistle to Plymouth MA Installation Sermon Cautionary Notes Applicable to Missional as well as Attractional Plants Core of and Challenge To Missional and Progressive Combination Where The Recent Missional Surge Comes From and Why An older post that is growth-oriented and contains a series of links to our learning curve and to church planting, demonstrates the difficulty of the attractional model but pointers for it.

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