Friday, October 1, 2010

Introduce Yourself and Your Missional Lifework and Dream

I will start us off. I am Ron Robinson. You can follow my particular missional church experiences via here in Turley/NorthTulsa, Oklahoma. We transformed from small attractional oriented church to an incarnational oriented church in 2007, creating a community center for our 74126 and neighboring zipcodes, and meeting for worship gatherings inside the center or out wherever we were doing "small acts of justice with great love" in our area.

The dream continues. We are about to move again, we hope, soon into an even bigger space, with a dedicated chapel space, along with community center and health hub, food justice center, and more. Even the chapel space will primarily be oriented toward the wider community. We also just bought a block with abandoned homes and are turning it into an outdoor community center space for gardening, kitchen, play and parkspace here. You can follow also our community renewal focus at, but look for a new website for it soon.

Introduce yourself first in the comments here. I may then move them into posts of their own for more specific followup commenting.

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